Monday, August 23, 2010

Where to Buy A Great Bag Of Roasted Coffee Online

Now Is The Time To Spill The Beans On Coffees.

Time To Spill The Beans On Coffee

If you want a break from the usual coffee, as I usually do, just take a few moments to read this article. I can assure you by the end of this article, I will lead you to one of the most scrumptious tasting coffees you have ever laid your lips upon. I know because i worked there in the Winter of 2009-10. Whenever my friends and family visited me, they always concluded the visit by purchasing a pound of coffee after telling me it was the best coffee they have ever tasted. And indeed it was.
Most of the best coffees are sold in coffee houses, gourmet food stores, health food stores, online and the organic food stores, not supermarkets like many of us may think. They all pretty much come in 1 pound bags.
Coffees are like wines. they have characteristics of their environment and growing techniques. Some coffees could be generally fruity and brightly acidic or nutty with a subtle bitterness. some of the experts say that Sumatran coffee has a sweet and subtle flavor with aromas such as those of caramel or pastries combined with a fresh potting soil scent. (Mmmmmmm) this is a great thing because it has a tone of earthiness which coffee should have. I mean, when I wake up in the morning, I want to smell the earth as an affirmation to me making it to another day.
After my friends at a well known consumer product testing agency sipped more than 400 cups of coffee made from whole beans and served piping hot in china cups, the experts coffee tasters found one excellent and two very good Kenyan brews. They are noted for having good complex flavors and are tasty enough without the addition of sugar or milk, which I add to complete my coffee formula as i need that sweetness and richness.
The coffee that gets the top rating is Allegro Kenya Grand Cru, because it is a cup to savor. I like that word savor because to me it means you don't want it to stop enjoying it so you let it linger in your mouth as long as you can before you swallow it. This is how a person shows enjoyment in something they are eating or drinking. Swallowing is just a formality that is to be avoided until the last drop of greatness has been enjoyed by all the senses. This coffee has a well balanced flavor that is a combination of slightly bitter with a citrus aromatic.
Another coffee that is very good according to the panel of expert coffee tasters is one of my favorites. It is the very good Green Mountain Kenyan Highland Cooperatives and Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Kenya AA which has a milder aroma and is not as noticeably fruity as its counterparts. These coffees are still better than the supermarket coffees we grew up with and if you aren't trying any of these coffees you should because you are also supporting people globally who may not have it as good as we do and you are giving them support.
Now it's said that the Sumatran coffees were rated pretty good by the professional tasters, who liked using the words "earthy" and "fruity" in their descriptions of a good cup of coffee. as for me, I'm from the Southeastern United States and the farther down South you go, the better coffee is known for some bitterness. we do use chicory in our coffee. That's why many of us use sugar and cream so as to mask the excessive bitterness.
Now here's the breakdown on the coffees that were tested. Green Mountain scored the highest in both categories whereas Starbucks scored relatively low. This is not to say that Starbucks isn't a good cup of coffee. I know because I indulge in the tall Pikes place myself when I need a coffee fix. sure I could go to McDonald's and get their cup which has been touted as a highly rated coffee.( I think they been watering it down though because it's not as good as it used to be in my opinion)
The Kenyan coffee is going to be a little more pricey but overall a pound of good coffee is going to be around $11-$17 a pound which breaks down to 24-67 cents a cup which if you do the math and want to cut some costs some where in your household, this would be a place to do it. You get more mileage from your own brew and the grounds are good for composting and gardening. I must add that prices don't mean quality is better and if i were you I would be savvy and find out where I could pay less for these brands if it is feasible. I write this way because I am on a journey in life where I want to live like a millionaire but do it on a blue-collar budget.
Remember to taste different coffees to see which is to your liking before you start putting those coffee flavors in so you know what it really taste like. You want to savor the coffee. Remember that Kenyan and Sumatran coffees seem to be what the taste testers liked. see if you can agree with them.
Now I want to reveal where I got the best coffee I ever had in my life and I want you to know I get nothing for telling you this. I just happened to work there earlier in 2010 and fell in love with their coffee. they actually roast their coffee on the property in an old-school coffee roaster. i also think that they were the first coffee house in Los Angeles, California although they are located in Marina Del Rey, California which is close to Venice Beach. You can actually order the coffee online. When I say it is the best...It has all the combination of sweet flavors and aromatics along with a nuttiness that reminds me of a roasted flavor. It's great when I add just a little sugar and cream because it has a balance to it unlike any coffee I have ever tasted. I challenge anyone to try it and not fall in love with Joni's Roasted Coffee.